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Study Digital Marketing & Media in Canada: Top Universities & Courses

Study Digital Marketing & Media in Canada: Top Universities & Courses
Alpina ChariApr 17, 2023

Digital Media & Marketing in Canada

One of the most sought-after courses in Canada is digital media & marketing. Typically courses in digital media & marketing in Canada have a duration of 1-3 years. Many Canadian universities offer the course at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and the number of institutions offering the program is increasing yearly. The tuition fee for the course varies between 15,000 CAD to 35,000 CAD per year depending on the institution and program you choose. 

According to, In Canada, the average annual compensation for digital marketing is $57,800, or $29.64 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $80,000 per year, while entry-level roles start at $45,176. The typical salary for digital media is $59,846 a year, or $30.69 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $80,192 per year, while entry-level roles start at $46,917.

Due to its emphasis on luring international students who can subsequently immigrate, and its high regard for the caliber of its colleges, Canada is one of the most well-liked study destinations in the world. International students are warmly welcomed by Canadians, who make significant efforts to ensure their safety, fair treatment, and enjoyment of their stay.

Learn in one of the most robust economies while taking advantage of a high standard of living and a flexible academic environment. In Canada, living costs are also slightly less than in other popular student destinations like the UK, and USA.

Overview: Digital Marketing & Media in Canada

Course Duration 1-3 years
Popular Programs Offered Post Diploma Certificate in Digital Marketing, Business Administration, Diploma Digital Marketing, BA Digital Media, MA Digital Media, 
Level of Study Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma, Bachelor, Masters
Average Tuition Fee 15,000 CAD to 35,000 CAD/ year
Entrance Exams  Nil

Why Study Digital Marketing & Media in Canada?

Is a job in digital marketing beneficial in Canada? According to a report by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), digital media and marketing courses are among the most popular programs for international students in Canada. Why not find out now the reasons behind its popularity?

Occupations With High Salaries

After graduation, both local and foreign students have excellent employment options thanks to the best digital marketing universities in Canada. A digital marketer makes an average base salary of 57,800 CAD and the typical salary for digital media is 59,846 CAD a year, making these professions highly popular among students. 

Superior Academic Programs

The greatest infrastructure and curriculum have made Canadian digital marketing and digital media universities stand out internationally. In addition, Canadian colleges and universities are well known for providing great technological and educational opportunities to overseas students.

Better Future Scope

You will have unmatched career chances in Canada as a digital marketer. Professional jobs in marketing, public relations, and advertising are predicted to create 46,400 new jobs between 2019 and 2028, according to the Canadian government.

Top Universities Offering Digital Marketing & Media in Canada

Canada offers cutting-edge course content, technology-driven teaching methods, sharp marketing strategies, and unusual industrial experiences in the field of digital marketing. We have put together a list of the universities that provide digital marketing and digital media courses for you to pick from in order to help you get accepted to the best digital marketing and digital media school in Canada.

York University  

York University usually referred to as YorkU or just YU, is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario. It is the third-largest university in Canada.  York University is ranked 456th in the world by QS World University Ranking 2023. It is one of the best institutions in the nation for foreign students who wish to study in Canada. 

The only degree program in Ontario that combines computer science, engineering, and performing arts with audio-visual media is YU’s Digital Media (BA) program. The Lassonde School of Engineering and the York University School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD) have joined forces to create this ground-breaking curriculum.

Name of Program Duration Tuition Fee/year in CAD Application Deadline*
BA in Digital Media,  3 years 33,780 October 15, December 15 
MA in Digital Media 2 years 33,791 October 15, December 15 

*to the next immediate intake

Admission Requirements: BA in Digital Media

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent degree with minimum 60%
  • Academic Transcripts
  • English Language Proficiency Test Results (IELTS 6.5 overall, TOEFL iBT 88)
  • Minimum score of 55% in mathematics.

Admission Requirements: MA in Digital Media 

  • Application form
  • Recommendation form
  • Supplementary Information form
  • Statement of interest letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Portfolio (4-6 pieces)
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • English Language Proficiency Test results (Minimum TOEFL iBT: 90-91 OR IELTS- 7.0


At York University, overseas students have access to a number of outstanding scholarship opportunities. Here are some examples:

Name of Scholarship Description Amount Awarded in CAD
York University Talent Entrance Scholarship Given to candidates for the School of the Arts, Media, Performing & Design (AMPD) programs. 1,000
President’s International Scholarship of Excellence International high school applicants who are beginning their first year of a four-year undergraduate degree program at York University and exhibit academic excellence, dedication to volunteer work and extracurricular activities, as well as leadership abilities, will be given the President’s International Scholarship of Excellence. For consideration, a final admission average of at least 80% (A) is needed. 1,80,000
(45,000 x 4 years)
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship The Vanier CGS program supports students who exhibit both leadership qualities and a high quality of scholarly success in graduate studies in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, and health in an effort to draw in and keep top-tier doctorate students. 50,000/year up to 3 years

George Brown College

There are three campuses of the public, fully accredited George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology in the heart of Toronto. George Brown College was chartered by the Ontario government in 1966, and it opened the following year, like many other institutions in the province. Several national and international rating organizations have placed it at the top of their lists. Its rankings are determined by a number of rating criteria, including employment rates, the caliber of the research, money and endowment, reputation, etc.

Through full-time, part-time, and continuing education programs, George Brown College offers international students a healthy work/home environment and educational classes. It offers a digital media education that gives international students the fundamental information and application methods they need.

Name Of Program Duration Tuition Fee/year in CAD Application Deadline
Marketing Management – Digital Media (Postgraduate)  1 year 18,115 April 3 for winter intake

August 8 for spring intake

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree, a three-year college advanced diploma, or sufficient job experience must be proved (resumé and references are necessary)
  • 6.0 on the IELTS, with a minimum of 6.0 in each skill band
  • Academic Transcripts


International students at George Brown College have access to a number of amazing funding opportunities. These are some examples:

Name of Scholarship Description Amount Awarded in CAD
Certificate Scholarships Returning students who are eligible and enrolled full-time in a post-secondary Certificate or Post Graduate Certificate program are eligible for the prize (2 or 3 semesters) 2,000
Kimokran (Toronto) Scholarship A scholarship known as the Kimokran is given to a foreign student based on their academic record and commitment in the community. 1,000
Woori Education Scholarship Based on academic achievement and commitment to the community, a foreign student may be given the Woori Education Scholarship. 2,000

Simon Fraser University

 With three campuses, all in Greater Vancouver, Simon Fraser University is a public research university in British Columbia, Canada. According to the QS ranking of 2023’s Best Global Universities, Simon Fraser University is ranked #328. Its schools receive high rankings based on how well they execute against a number of generally recognized metrics of quality.

Simon Fraser University’s rigorous 16-month digital media program engages students via curriculum and projects to help them build critical leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. All business verticals, including healthcare, education, business, and the entertainment industry, are served by the innovative curriculum, which is designed to suit the needs of emerging and new digital media markets.

Name Of Program Duration Tuition Fee/year in CAD Application Deadline
Masters of Digital Media (MDM) 16 months 60,222 (20,074/term) January 29

Admission Requirements

  • A four-year undergraduate degree (or an equivalent) in a digital media-related discipline from one of the four Centre for Digital Media Partner Institutions is required of applicants.
  • If submitting an application from a related discipline, applicants must argue how the MDM program would benefit them and how their former field of study and this program are related.
  • Academic standing with at least 12 units of 3rd and 4th-year courses in the A range (80% or higher) in the field of study.
  • On the suggestion of the MDM program, candidates with a four-year undergraduate degree who lack the necessary work experience may be admitted.
  • Three references from people who are appropriately competent.
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume 
  • Short formal essay 
  • Work samples that best show off your abilities
  • Video introduction
  • English Language Requirement 
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS Academic, not the general test) 6.5 in each section, with a minimum score of 7.0 overall
  • A score of 93 or above on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Should be obtained with a minimum score of 20 in each component.


At Simon Fraser University, international students have access to a wide range of fantastic funding options. These are a few instances:

Name of Scholarship Description Amount Awarded in CAD
Tech Scholarship The Master of Digital Media program is dedicated to making sure students have the gear and software needed to finish the program effectively. Tech Scholarships are available for students who are enrolled full-time, have a minimum CGPA of 3.5, and wish to buy hardware or software. 2,000
Center for Digital Media Scholarships The selection of students is based on the caliber of their undergraduate work sample and academic standing. Up to 15,000
Tom Calvert Computer Science and Software Engineering Award Given to the student that submitted the best work sample for the MDM application. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering is required of applicants. Up to 30,000

Douglas College

The largest public college in British Columbia, awarding degrees is Douglas College, which was founded in 1970. One of Metro Vancouver’s most easily accessible post-secondary institutions, Douglas draws students from all over the globe. The college’s two main campuses are close to SkyTrain stations. 

Douglas College offers two distinct degrees in digital marketing that helps in learning and building key competencies in content, sponsored search, e-commerce, SEO, social media marketing, and digital marketing analytics. You will learn practical skills for working with actual clients through this course.

Name Of Program Duration Tuition Fee/ year in CAD Application Deadline
Digital Marketing (Post Baccalaureate Diploma)  2 years 19,390 January 31 – Summer

May 31-  Fall

September 31- Winter

Admission Requirements

The prerequisite for applicants is either an undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada or an equivalent degree from a recognized institution abroad.

  •  Every candidate who received their degree in a language other than English must satisfy the English language competence criterion of Douglas College.

iBT TOEFL (in-person or online) – 83 minimum score

IELTS requires a minimum band score of 6.5 overall (academic module only)

  • Academic Transcripts


At Douglas College, overseas students have access to a wide selection of outstanding scholarship opportunities. Here are several examples:

Name of Scholarship Description Amount Awarded in CAD
Dr. Guangwei Ouyang International Education Entrance Scholarship The selection of students is based on their prior academic success, involvement in their school, community, and/or personal growth. 2,500
Douglas International Education Regional Entrance Award Available to students from CIS countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan), Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia (Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal). 1,000-2,000

Toronto Metropolitan University

A public research institution called Toronto Metropolitan University is situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The institution operates sites throughout Toronto, although its main campus is located in the Garden District. According to the QS Global University Rankings 2023, it is ranked 801–1000.

The Master of Digital Media at Toronto Metropolitan University is a demanding 12-month professional program created to give graduates the knowledge and work experience they’ll need to succeed in the digital media industry. We offer the framework for success, whether students intend to launch their own startup, work in the corporate world, or pursue further education.

Name Of Program Duration Tuition Fee/ year in CAD Application Deadline
Master of Digital Media   2 years 25,513 February 1

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of a four-year undergraduate (or equivalent) degree from an accredited institution
  • Minimum GPA or the equivalent of 3.00/4.33 (B) in the last two years of study
  • Statement of Interest
  • Resumé/CV
  • Transcripts
  • Two or three letters of recommendation
  • Portfolio
  • English language proficiency requirement ( IELTS -7 Overall, TOEFL 93)


At Toronto Metropolitan University, overseas students have access to a wide selection of outstanding scholarship opportunities. Here are several examples: 

Name of Scholarship Description Amount Awarded in CAD
Dennis Mock Graduate Scholarship  The Dennis Mock Graduate Scholarship is offered each year to reward a first-year Master’s student for their achievements. 5,000
Jennifer Mactavish Graduate Student Leadership Awards Up to four awards are granted annually to recognize individuals or teams of students who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the following categories:

  • Student Engagement and Experience
  • Community Engagement and City Building
  • SRC Innovation and Impact
Up to 1,000

Career Opportunities After Digital Marketing & Media in Canada

Canada is a country that is rapidly embracing digital marketing and digital media, creating a wealth of career opportunities in these fields. A career in digital marketing could involve creating and implementing online marketing strategies for businesses, managing social media accounts, analyzing data to optimize campaigns, and more. With the increasing importance of online presence for businesses, digital marketing professionals are in high demand across various industries in Canada.

Moreover, digital media courses provide a strong foundation in various aspects of digital media production, including video editing, animation, and graphic design. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, companies require digital media professionals to create visually stunning and engaging content for their online platforms. 

Canada is home to a growing number of media and entertainment companies, providing ample opportunities for graduates of digital media courses to pursue careers in fields such as advertising, broadcasting, and film production. With a solid foundation in digital media, professionals can explore a range of career paths and work on exciting projects in Canada’s dynamic media industry.

Here’s a table showing the average salary of digital marketing professionals in Canada by province, sourced from  as of February 2023:

Province  Average Salary in CAD
British Columbia 58,500
Nova Scotia 37,000
Ontario 58,999
Quebec  70,000
Saskatchewan 50,994
Alberta 65,618


One of the finest places to pursue digital media and marketing courses is Canada as there are many job prospects in fields relevant to the profession. You have a major edge over most countries studying digital marketing or digital media in Canada because of the concurrent development of technology and the world.

Choosing a choice needs to take into account factors including cost, academic standard, on-campus amenities, and international rankings. Our admissions counseling services have helped thousands of students get into the schools of their choice. For further information, please arrange a video consultation with one of our experts.

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Digital media and marketing courses in Canada can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re looking to start a career in this field or to improve your existing skills. Many courses are designed to be practical and hands-on, which means you’ll get real-world experience and be able to apply what you learn immediately. Additionally, having a certification or qualification from a reputable institution can be valuable when applying for jobs or working as a freelancer. However, it’s important to do your research and choose a course that is relevant to your career goals and budget.

Digital media and digital marketing courses can help you develop a wide range of skills, depending on the course you choose. Some common skills include website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. You may also learn about data analysis, web analytics, and digital strategy.

Yes, international students studying a digital marketing course in Canada can work part-time while they study, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for working in Canada.

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