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Study Medicine (MD/MBBS) in Turkey

Study Medicine (MD/MBBS) in Turkey
Amarnath pratapwarDec 2, 2022

Study Medicine (MD/MBBS) in Turkey in English

It takes around 6 years to study medicine (MD/MBBS) in Turkey. There are public and private universities providing MD/MBBS programs in English. These universities have a world ranking of 500-1000 and have an excellent global reputation. In fact, medical education from Turkey is highly regarded internationally. Medical tourism in the country is on the rise. This, in turn, is increasing the quality of medical education every year. 

Turkey is fast becoming a desirable study destination for international students. Studying in Turkey is one of the most affordable options for aspiring doctors. Read on to learn more about the features of medical degrees in Turkey, the best universities, and their fee structures.

Highlights of Medicine (MD/MBBS) in Turkey

Programs offered  MD or M.Sc in Medicine 
Program level  Undergraduate or second cycle master’s degree
Duration of MD 6 years (in some cases 7 years) 
Annual tuition fees for MD at public universities  The price ranges from 4,000 to 10,000 USD to 21,000 USD
Annual tuition fees for MD at private universities  16,000 to 25,000 USD
Minimum eligibility criteria  High school education 

Why study Medicine in Turkey?

  • In comparison to other countries, Turkey’s medical universities are quite inexpensive. But the quality of education is not jeopardized as a result of this. 
  • Turkish medical universities follow European higher education standards comparable to that of other European countries such as Italy, Hungary, or Poland.
  • Turkey offers many scholarships to international students. Even state-funded aids are available.
  • Turkey has over 47 high-ranking medical universities. This makes the country an excellent choice for medical students.
  • Medical programs in Turkey are offered in English. International students can get the best medical education without having to learn the local language.
  • Turkey is at par with other global universities when it comes to medical facilities. The country provides a modern infrastructure for holistic medical education.
  • International visitors can stay in Turkey in a safe and cost-effective manner.
  • Tuition fees for medicine programs in Turkey are less than USD 30,000.

Best Medical universities in Turkey

The list features some top and few popular universities for medical studies in Turkey. They are listed on the official website for “study in Turkey.” The universities are among the country’s top 100 and are ranked according to their national rating as provided by EduRank in 2022.

University EduRank National Ranking (2022, Medicine)
Hacettepe University 1
Istanbul University 2
Ankara University 3
Ege University 4
Gazi University 5
Baskent University 6
Marmara University 7
Dokuz Eylul University 8
Ataturk University 9
Erciyes University 10
Istanbul Okan University 72
Altinbas University 80
Istanbul Aydin University 85
Halic University 89
Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) NA

Admission requirements to study Medicine in Turkey

Medicine is taught as an undergraduate or as a second cycle master’s degree (MSc) in Turkey. The typical duration is 6 years to complete, but few universities take up to 7 years. In Turkey, high school education is a must to pursue medicine. Medical schools in Turkey accept students directly from high school.  Each university may state different criteria for entry. The list below summarizes the typical admission criteria and procedure for international students.

  • High school diploma with an average score of 70% and higher 
  • High school transcripts
  • Adequate YOS exam score for state universities
  • SAT, ACT, IB, etc., exam scores for most private universities
  • Letter of motivation
  • Some universities require students to take IELTS or TOEFL exam to prove English language proficiency
  • Valid passport
  • Turkish proficiency at minimum B1 level (state-funded universities)

Application checklist for medical programs in Turkey

  • High school certificate
  • YOS, SAT, ACT exam scores (whichever is applicable)
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores
  • Motivation letter
  • Valid passport

YOS is an undergraduate entrance examination conducted by public universities in Turkey. It is taken by international students who want to study medicine at the undergraduate level. Each university administers its own YOS exam, and students use the same score to apply to other universities in Turkey. 

The exam consists of two parts: basic learning skills and the Turkish language part. Questions for the basic learning part are based on mathematics and comprise 80% of the total questions. Students need Turkish proficiency at a minimum B1 level to appear for the exam. 

Private universities in Turkey often accept the SAT, ACT, IB, or other such international exam results. They do not require students to take the YOS exam. 

Important points to consider when applying

  • Turkey does not have a centralized application system. Students receive an application number after applying to the universities.
  • The applicant’s e-mail address must be their own, so each applicant must supply only one email address.
  • The applicant’s email address is the username to access the Application System.
  • Applicant should upload their scanned photo in the appropriate section of the form.
  • The university sends an applicant number to the applicant’s e-mail address after the application is completed and saved.

You will receive an acceptance letter after submitting your online application form. You should then contact the Turkish Embassy in your country for information on the visa process as students should answer the exam by visiting the university. 

Documents required

  • Passport-size photos
  • Valid passport 
  • High school diploma 

How to apply?

Students can apply directly via the university website. They can, alternatively, apply via Gyanberry. At Gyanberry, we provide end-to-end counseling and guidance to study at some of the top Medical universities in Turkey. Get in touch with us to know more. 

Tuition fees for international students

Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to study medicine in and does not compromise on the quality of education. The lower cost of living and availability of scholarships also aid in lowering the financial burden of the students. The cost of studying medicine in Turkey ranges from USD 16,000 to USD 25,000. There are a few public universities that are highly inexpensive with an annual tuition cost of less than USD 10,000.

University Name University Type  Annual Tuition Fee in USD
Istanbul Aydin Üniversity Private 22,000
Haliç Üniversity Private 16,000
Hacettepe University Public  9,962 (185,690 TRY)
Istanbul Okan University Private 23,500
Erciyes University Public  4,077 (76,000 TRY)
Altinbas University Private 25,000
Istanbul Aydin University Private 19,500
Halic University Private 16,000
Eastern Mediterranean University  Public  21,198

Cost of living in Turkey

There are numerous advantages to choosing Turkey as your medical study abroad destination. But the most compelling reason is the low cost of living. Turkey is often listed as a highly affordable country. The annual average cost of living ranges from USD 2,000 to 3,600.

Particulars Annual Cost in TRY Annual Cost in USD*
Accommodation 27,600-36,000 1,660-2,160
Insurance and Health Expense 300-2,400 18-144
Estimated Food costs 3,600-18,000 216-1,080
Books and Stationary 1,620 – 1,740 97-105
Utilities 600-1,800 36-108
Total 33,720-59,940 2,027-3,597

*Living costs in TRY are converted to USD at 1 TRY = 0.060 USD. Please note that current exchange rates are subject to change.

Scholarships for international students in Turkey

Another great reason to study MD/MBBS in Turkey is the availability of scholarships for international students. Turkey offers a variety of medical scholarships, some of which are listed below.

  • Full-time Türkiye scholarships 
  • Short-term Türkiye scholarships 
  • Joint scholarship programs by Türkiye scholarship program 
  • CoHE scholarship for international students 
  • Numerous university-based scholarships

Scope of Medical degrees in Turkey

Career prospects for medical graduates in Turkey are promising. After completing medical studies (MD/MBBS) in Turkey, international students can choose from the following prospects.

  • Practice medicine as a general practitioner or a doctor in Turkey or other countries
  • Pursue a postgraduate degree in medicine
  • Go for doctoral studies 

The students will need to procure a license to practice medicine in Turkey and other countries. To pursue postgraduate or residency specializations in Turkey, students must answer the Turkish Medical Specialty Exam (TUS). The exam takes place twice a year in April and September. Depending upon the type of specialty, it can three to six years to pass the residency and become board-certified attending physicians. 

Students can also opt for Ph.D. programs in Turkey. The following are the popular universities in Turkey that offer Ph.D. programs in medicine and health science.

  • Ankara University
  • Marmara University
  • KOC University
  • Yeditepe University
  • Acibadem University

According to the Economic Research Institute, the average salary of a doctor in Turkey is TRY 299,824 or approximately USD 18,000 yearly.

There are over 47 universities in Turkey that offer medicine programs in English. Students can either choose a public or private university to study medicine (MD or MBBS) in Turkey. Public universities require students to clear an entrance exam called YOS, which requires knowledge of the Turkish language. Private universities in Turkey, on the other hand, do not require YOS scores and instead accept SAT, ACT, IB, or other international exam scores.

*The salary in TRY is converted to USD at 1 TRY = 0.060 USD. Please note that current exchange rates are subject to change.

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Yes. International students must take the YOS exam for medical programs at public universities in Turkey. Private universities accept SAT, ACT, etc., exam scores.

Turkey is one of the most affordable countries for studying medicine. The average yearly tuition fee for studying medicine is about USD 10,000-25,000. Some public universities offer medicine courses below USD 10,000 per year.

Yes, there are several government-based and university-based scholarships for international students in Turkey. The most popular state-funded scholarship program is Turkiye Burslari or Türkiye scholarships. 

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