Charles University – First Faculty of Medicine


The First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University is one of five medical faculties of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1348 at the same time as the university itself, it is the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe and the 11th oldest medical institution in the world.Situated in the centre of Prague, the faculty provides education in all fields of general medicine. It is regularly ranked in the top 1% of medical faculties globally (See ranking below).It is one of the five medical faculties of Charles University, alongside the Second and Third Faculties, both in Prague, and faculties in Plzen and Hradec Kralove.It has two student associations. One for the Czech parallel (SMC) and one for the English parallel (LF1 MEDSOC). The student associations have their offices in Faust House and are responsible for helping new students get used to the university life as well as organise all the parties and activities, including Freshers Week every September. The faculty has recently established a surgical society, which envisions the nurture of aspiring surgeons from all years by providing research opportunities, away clerkships and workshops.


  1. The university was established in 1348 and a medieval faculty of medicine was one of the four founding faculties (with the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Theology).
  2. In 1882, as part of the division of the university during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a separate German faculty was founded.
  3. The two parallel faculties, one German and one Czech, remained until the foundation of the independent state of Czechoslovakia in 1918, when the German faculty was disbanded.
  4. In 1953 the former Faculty of Medicine in Prague was divided into three medical faculties: the Faculty of General Medicine, the Faculty of Pediatric Medicine, and the Faculty of Hygiene.
  5. Following the Velvet Revolution, these three faculties evolved into the First, Second and Third Faculty of Medicine, respectively.
  6. Notable alumni from the Charles University include Albert Einstein, Jan Evangelista Purkyně, Carl Ferdinand Cori and Gerty Cori and more, international graduates from the First Faculty of Medicine mostly landed in postgraduate training positions in Europe, United Kingdom and the United States.


Intake October
Medium of study Optional
Fees structure CZK 400,000/year (approx)
Living costs Czk 38,150/year (approx)
Total number of students 3400 (approx.)


  1. The faculty is consistently ranked in the top 1% out of 17000 institutions in the world .
  2. It is currently ranked #1 in the Czech Republic.
  3. It is also ranked #17 in clinical medicine in the world.

COURSES OFFERED at First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

Dentistry 5 years
General medicine 6 years

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA of First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

  1. A completed secondary education before entering the first year of a Bachelor’s or an undivided Master’s degree programme.
  2. A completed Bachelor’s degree before entering the first year of a follow-up Master’s degree programme.
  3. A completed Master’s degree in a related field of study before entering the first year of doctoral programmes.

APPLICATION DEADLINES of First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

  1. Degree programmes taught in Czech
    • February 28 or March 31 for bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes
    • April 30 for doctoral programmes (Ph.D.)

2. Application deadlines for degree programmes taught in English may vary.


  1. Choose a study programme and check the admission requirements in the database.
  2. a) Medicine in English (with tuition fees)
  3. b) Study in Czech (free of charge)
  4. While applying you may get ready for the recognition of your previous education, which is part of the admission procedure (the required documents might be sent later after you have received your diploma).
  5. Fill in the application form.
  6. Submit the application form together with all the documents the faculty requires.
  7. Pay the application fee. Make sure you do this final step, and your application will be processed.
  8. Attempt the entrance exam

SCHOLARSHIPS for First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

  1. GOVERNMENTAL SCHOLARSHIPS – DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: The Government of the Czech Republic annually offers scholarships within its Foreign Development Assistance Programme. These government scholarships support students from developing countries who would like to study at public universities in the Czech Republic. For more information visit the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. The deadline for submitting applications for the academic year 2022/2023 is on September 30, 2021.
  2. SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS UNDER BILATERAL INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic annually offers scholarships to foreign nationals within the framework of intergovernmental exchange programmes arranged with a number of countries.

More information

  1. INTERNATIONAL VISEGRAD FUND SCHOLARSHIPS: The program offers various types of grants for different shareholders; the Visegrad Scholarship is intended for Master’s and Doctoral students. It promotes closer cooperation between the four Visegrad Group countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland. These scholarships are awarded not only to applicants from the Visegrad countries but also to applicants from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Monte Negro, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine, enabling them to study in one of the V4 countries; the same rules also apply to applicants from Kosovo. More information on the Visegrad fund is available on the Visegrad Fund website.
  2. Ph.D. scholarships: Doctoral scholarships are awarded to all students enrolled in full-time doctoral study programmes during the standard length of study (usually 3 – 4 years). The scholarship ranges from CZK 10,500 to CZK 25,000 per month. The specific amount within this range is determined by the Dean of the Faculty, in accordance with the Faculty Internal Regulation.

ADVANTAGES of First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

  1. Great faculty
  2. English studies for international students
  3. Good infrastructure
  4. Safe for foreign students
  5. Quite affordable
  6. Great scholarships available for foreign students
  7. Hostel facility available
  8. Ranked one of the top universities


Q.1 – Is Charles University First Faculty of Medicine good?

ANSWER – Firstly, the First Faculty of Medicine falls under one of the best universities in the world, Charles University Prague. Moreover, it comprises 1700 staff members and over 4500 students. Therefore, it is also the largest functioning central European university in Czech Republic.