Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic: Top Universities, Admission Requirements, Fees, and Scholarships

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The degree in the field of Dentistry is a dream for many students as the efforts of the individual itself becomes a positive impact on the society, and the Czech Republic is a no brainer when opting for a Dentistry program for an international student as the country is home to some of Europe’s finest Medical universities almost 10 universities offer dental programs, the top 4 have been listed below. 

  • Charles University – First Faculty of Medicine  
  • Masaryk University 
  • Palacky University
  • Charles University – Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králove

The above-mentioned universities are renowned Medical institutes that are ranked in the top 2% universities in the world and that are backed by prestigious ranking agencies such as Q.S World Ranking and U.S News.

All the mentioned universities offer a master’s program of dentistry which is of 5 years.

The cost of studying Dentistry in the Czech Republic can range from 13,000 – 18,500 USD to 47,749 – 67,950 AED. 

The applicant must be of at least 17 years of age while applying and also have completed High School along with the qualification marks of NEET for an Indian applicant. 

Why study Dentistry in the Czech Republic?

  • The higher quality of education by the top European medical universities and the cost of living being on the lower end can be the top reasons to pick the Czech Republic.
  • The Czech Republic attracts over 50,000 international students from worldwide leading to very diversified cultural and social life 
  • The medical universities have recognition from renowned organizations such as the National Medical Council (NMC) of India and the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).
  • The medical faculties in the Czech Republic are often regarded as having the leading English medical programs in Europe

Top Universities to study Dentistry in the Czech Republic 

The universities mentioned below offer Dentistry programs of 5 years in the English language.

Name of University  World Rank National Rank
Charles University- First Faculty of Medicine 218 by U.S News  1 by U.S News 
Masaryk University 568 by U.S News  2 by U.S News 
Palacky University 568 by U.S News  2 by U.S News 
Charles University

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové

1201 by The World University Ranking  101 – 125 by The World University Ranking 

Admission Requirements to study Dentistry in the Czech Republic.

Details for applying for Dentistry programs in the Czech Republic are discussed below.

Eligibility Criteria for Dentistry programs

Qualified Entrance examination  NEET
Minimum qualification  50% in the higher secondary 
Previous graduation  Higher secondary must have PCM and English 

Every university expects the students to have basic knowledge of the medical field and for verification purposes, the universities conduct entrance examinations, every applicant must clear this examination to proceed with their admission application. 

Application process

Admission application  Gyanberry application services 
Application deadline  February to March 

Documents Required

  • Passport 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Bank receipt of 1st-year tuition fees(only asked by few universities)
  • Passport size photos 

Aside from these basic admission requirements, each university will have its own sets of requirements, such as 

  • An interview or an entrance exam
  • Proof of competency in an English language 
  • Letter of motivation 
  • Recently updated CV 
  • All latest transcript 

Cost of studying Dentistry in the Czech Republic: Tuition fees and living expenses 

Name of University  Program Name  Duration  Tuition fees


Charles University  Dentistry 5 years  18,175 USD or 66,756 AED
Masaryk University  Dentistry 5 years  15,452 USD or 57,243 AED
Palacky University  Dentistry 5 years  13,656 USD or 50,158 AED 
Charles University – 

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové

Dentistry 5 years  15,554 USD or 57,129 AED

The annual cost of living in Prague

Dormitory  2,052 USD or 7,537 AED 
Food  1724 USD or 6332 AED
Books  183 USD or 672 AED
Public transport  156 USD or 573 AED 

The annual cost of living in Brno

Dormitory  1,920 USD or 7,052 AED 
Food  1,500 USD or 5,509 AED 
Transport  127 USD or  466 AED 
Groceries  1,380 USD or 5,069 AED 

The annual cost of living in Olomouc

Accommodation  1,284 USD  or 4716 AED 
Food  2,436 USD or 4716 AED  
Transportation  840 USD  or 3085 AED
Sport & leisure  600 USD or 2203 AED 

The annual cost of living in Hradec Králové

Dormitory  2088 USD or 7669 AED 
Food  812 USD or 2982 AED 
Transport  688 USD or 2527 AED 

Scholarships to study Dentistry in the Czech Republic

As the Czech Republic welcomes many international students and cost of tuition can be a major factor while deciding which country to opt for, so there are several scholarships available for international students. 

Developing countries – Government  Scholarship

The Czech Republic’s administration awards scholarships per year as part of its Foreign Development Assistance Program. These same government scholarships support students from developing countries who wish to study at Czech public universities.

Bilateral international agreement Scholarship Awards

The Czech Republic’s Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport awards scholarships to foreign people every year as part of intergovernmental exchange programs with several nations.


Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) are exceptional academic programs offered by worldwide higher education collaborations. You can earn a full degree scholarship for a Master’s level overseas study degree through EMJMD. Several Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees involve Czech universities.

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships

Distinguished Indian students studying in universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other European countries can apply for the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships. Students pursuing full-time Master’s, Postgraduate., or Doctoral degree programs can apply for grants, awards, and scholarships through the program.

In the Czech Republic, you can rely on high-quality education and research, particularly in medicine. English-taught degrees are becoming more common at Czech universities. This is in response to the large number of international students attracted to the Czech Republic by academic opportunities and affordable living standards. 

For the complete application process get in touch with Gyanberry.

Frequently Asked Questions

A candidate must have completed high school with a minimum of 50% in Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics as mandatory subjects to get into a top-ranked University. For English proficiency, a minimum of 6.0 in IELTS or 75 in TOEFL iBT is required. Some Universities may also have conducted an interview in addition to the requirements mentioned above.

Depending upon the University, the average annual cost for studying dentistry may range between USD 13,000 – 18,500.

The cost of living depends upon the city and the spending habits of the student. The estimated living cost per year may be between USD 6500-7500.