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Scholarships to study Medicine/MBBS in Czech Republic

Nov 13, 2021

Scholarships for medicine (MBBS) and related areas of study in the Czech Republic are very limited for international students. Medicine and health science is the most popular field of study chosen among international students in the Czech Republic. 

Scholarships are an important factor for prospective students planning to MBBS/MD in the Czech Republic. While there are several opportunities to receive scholarships to study in the Czech Republic, the same is not true for medical programs, especially for international students. However, some of the top medical universities in the Czech Republic offer merit scholarships to international students after they have finished their first year of study.

The tuition cost of studying medicine and dentistry programs in the Czech Republic averages around 15,000 USD per year. Other popular medical study destinations like the UK, Australia, and USA charge double or triple the amount for the same programs. Therefore, what Czech Universities lack in scholarships, they make up for with affordability and quality of education.

Medical study scholarships in the Czech Republic can primarily be divided into two parts-

  • Pre Admission Scholarships
  • Post Admission Awards

Pre Admission Scholarships

Pre-admission scholarships for medical studies are those scholarships that can be obtained before starting the chosen study program in Czech universities. These scholarships are generally offered either by the Government or through specific universities.

  • Bilateral International Agreement Scholarships

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MEYS) awards annual scholarships through its intergovernmental exchange programs for international students. These scholarships are available to students from eligible countries (including India) who want to pursue a study program or conduct research at a public higher institution in the Czech Republic.

The scholarships are usually awarded to students who are pursuing a non-degree program but students opting for a standard degree program are eligible to apply too. 

The scholarship is awarded for 2-10 months to the selected candidates. However, scholarship holders can apply again to renew their benefits. For the 2022-2023 academic, the scholarship award amount is set to be 408 USD (9000 CZK) per month for students that do not hold a master’s degree. For students with a master’s degree, the scholarship amount is 430 USD (9500 CZK) per month. In addition to this, students are exempted from paying any tuition fee.

Application details and minimum eligibility requirements can be confirmed by contacting the appropriate authority in the student’s home country. Some of the partnering countries that participate in this scholarship program are mentioned below.

Name of Country Authorized Representatives
India Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi
Italy Embassy of the Czech Republic in Cairo
Japan Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo
Greece Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
Georgia Ministry of Education and Science
France Embassy of the Czech Republic in Paris
Taiwan Ministry of Education
Switzerland Embassy of the Czech Republic in Bern

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)

Spain Embassy of the Czech Republic in Madrid
  • Gscholar by Gyanberry

The Gscholar scholarship is a time-limited program that offers up to 20% deduction in first-year tuition for international students applying to any of the 250+ partner universities of Gyanberry. Some of the most prominent medical Czech universities are partnered with Gyanberry. Charles University and Palacky University are among the top medical universities in the Czech Republic, for which students can take the benefit from the Gscholar program.

The deadline for applying for the scholarship is in the last week of December. Scholarship eligibility is determined by the academic achievement, sports, and extracurricular achievements of the candidates. Get in touch with Gyanberry to know more.

Post-Admission Awards

The term post-admission awards refer to scholarship awards offered by specific universities in the Czech Republic after the admission of students. These scholarships are generally awarded in the second year of the study program on the basis of the candidate’s academic performance. 

  • Top Student Faculty Award for Foreign Students, Charles University

Awarded by Charles University’s Second Faculty of Medicine, the “Top Student” award for foreign students amounts to a monetary award of 3,172 USD (70000 CZK). Foreign students pursuing the General Medicine program can apply for this scholarship after completion of their first year of studies.


    • Applicants must be in the top 10% of their average class grades (90 to 100 percentile)
    • The candidate must have completed their first year of studies and completed all the courses
    • The candidate must have paid all first-year fees in time and must meet the credit completion requirement (60 ECTS)
    • The candidate must have completed all courses taken up in the stipulated time

The Dean of the faculty is responsible for selecting scholarship candidates based on the factors mentioned above.

  • Merit Scholarship, Palacky University

The dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at Palacky University awards merit scholarships to candidates with exceptional academic grades. Students that are pursuing full-time master’s or doctoral programs at the university are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The amount of the award varies from program to program.

  • Masaryk University Scholarships

The Masaryk University’s Faculty of Medicine has a handful of scholarship and bursary awards for their medical students.

  • Newcomer’s Scholarship: Awarded to students from developing countries that are pursuing a full-time program that is taught in English at the university. The scholarship awards 4348 USD (100 000 CZK) to help with the first-year studies.
  • Merit Scholarship & Bursary Program:  Designed to motivate the students of the faculty to excel in academics, this scholarship awards monetary rewards on the basis of academic excellence during the study.

In addition, Masaryk University offers scholarships for internship experience, scholarships for class toppers, and many more. To get all the details of these scholarships, contact Gyanberry.

Other medical universities in the Czech Republic also offer merit scholarships based on the academic performance of the international students during their study programs. However, scholarships to begin the study program at medical colleges of the Czech Republic are rare. Students can look for funding options through third-party sources and government organizations too.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tuition fee varies from USD 8000 to 18000 per year depending upon the University. The average cost of living is USD 6864 per year.

Students may avail scholarships granted by the government of the Czech Republic, scholarships through bilateral agreements. Some Universities also offer limited merit-based scholarships to international students, such as Charles University’s top student scholarship, Masaryk University’s bursary programs, etc.

Most university scholarships cover partial tuition fees, ranging between USD 3,000-5,000.

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