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Best Medical Universities in the Czech Republic for International Students

Mar 7, 2023

Best Medical Universities in Czech Republic for International Students

The Czech Republic is rapidly growing in popularity as a highly sought-after study destination for foreign medical science applicants. It is home to Europe’s oldest and most prestigious medical universities and over 50,000 international students currently study here. 

With programs being offered in English, it comes as no surprise how a multitude of international students prefer to finish their higher education at the best medical universities in the Czech Republic. 

Czech Universities are leading in research and development. This becomes one of the top reasons to study medicine in the Czech Republic. Other reasons why students flock to these universities are the English-taught programs, the lower cost of living, safety, and the repute of the degree.

The Medical universities of the Czech Republic are globally renowned and have been ranked by the leading ranking agencies such as Q.S World Rankings and U.S.News & World Report.

The universities also have recognition from world health organizations such as the National Medical Council (NMC) of India and the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

Rankings of Top Medical Universities in Czech Republic

Name of University  World Rank National Rank Subject Ranking

(Clinical Medicine )

Charles University  226 by U.S News 

288 by QS Rankings

1 by U.S News  127 by U.S News
Masaryk University  605 by U.S News 

560 by QS Rankings

2 by U.S News  610 by U.S News
Palacky University  611 by U.S News 

Top 700 by QS Rankings

3 by U.S News  726 by U.S News
Ostrava University  1542 by U.S News  11 by U.S News 

Medical Studies at Charles University

Founded in 1348, Charles University is one of the oldest, most vibrant, and most cosmopolitan institutions, ranking in the top 2% of universities in the world. The medical schools under its aegis include 

  • First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University 
  • Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
  • Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University
  • Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University 
  • Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové, Charles University 

The various schools offer medical programs for applicants worldwide with English-taught courses in General Medicine and Dentistry. The curriculum of the MUDr (General Medicine) and MDDr (Dentistry) courses is fully compatible with the current international standards and is accredited by the European Union.

As the name suggests, the First Faculty of Medicine was the first to be established. It was an integral cornerstone of Charles University from the day of its construction. 

With student applicants seeing a huge uptick, the Second Faculty of Medicine was also established to maintain the standards of exceptional research and excellence in teaching. Motol Hospital is the clinical base of the Second Faculty and is renowned to have one of the largest assortment of medical facilities in Central Europe.

Soon after, the Third Faculty was also set up. These are all headquartered in Prague, the historic capital of the Czech Republic. 

The Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové and in Pilsen was established recently to broaden the horizons of the world-class education being offered by the First Faculty of Medicine. 

For students looking to pursue a career in the Health Sciences, medical and dentistry courses are taught in collaboration with the new Biomedical Centre, affiliated with the University Hospital.

General medicine – The faculty’s largest subject of study is general medicine, which takes six years to complete. The first three years of the curriculum are spent learning conceptual and pre-clinical subjects, while the second quarter of the program is committed to acquiring clinical knowledge and partaking in hospital duties. 

Dentistry – The faculty’s curriculum is innovative and designed to allow students to get an understanding of core medical concepts alongside specialized dental training. Over the course of five years, students are taught to perform basic dental procedures while maintaining excellent standards of general medicine expertise.

Program Name  Duration  Annual Tuition in USD for International Students
General Medicine (MUDr)- First Faculty of Medicine

 General Medicine- Second Faculty of Medicine

General Medicine- Third Faculty of Medicine 

General Medicine- Hradec Králové

General Medicine- Pilsen

6 years 

22,672 USD

20,865 USD

20,865 USD

15,869 USD

16,776 USD

Dentistry (MDDr)- First Faculty of Medicine 

Dentistry- Pilsen

5 years  22,672 USD

16,776 USD

The cost of studying medicine and dentistry in the Czech Republic also includes living expenses such as rent, transportation, and more.

 Medical studies at Masaryk University

The University of Masaryk is the second-largest university in the Czech Republic with nine faculties and more than 200 departments, institutes, and clinics. Since its establishment in 1919, the university has represented a strong liberal character, and it is one of the most prestigious teaching and research institutions in Central Europe. 

The Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University is amongst the best medical programs in the country, offering courses in General Medicine and Dentistry. 

General Medicine – This six-year full-time degree program is intended to prepare secondary school graduate students for lucrative careers in medicine. Students acquire the MUDr (Doctor of General Medicine) degree upon the completion of their course. 

Dentistry – The Master’s Degree Program in Dentistry is designed to prepare students for autonomous dental practice at a high professional level, in conformity with current knowledge, legal laws, and ontological standards.

Program Name  Duration  Annual Tuition in USD for International Students
General Medicine  6 years  17,233
Dentistry  5 years  18,139

Students who require financial aid may apply for scholarships to study medicine or dentistry. These scholarships may be granted by the government of the Czech Republic, through bilateral agreements, or by fulfilling university-specific criteria of merit or need. 

Medical Studies at Palacky University

Palacky University, founded in 1573, is the Czech Republic’s second-oldest university. There are eight faculties, as well as specialized research centers and institutes providing over 250 accredited Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral university courses.

With 23,000 students, the University is known for its profound Medical programs and its inclination towards research. Academic excellence and student-friendly overtones confer upon it the title of one of the top medical universities in the Czech Republic. 

General Medicine – Palacky University’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry provides a 6-year General Medical program in English. General Medicine graduates are conferred the degree MUDr. “Medicinae Universae Doctor” (M.D., Doctor of General Medicine). This degree entitles the recipient to practice medicine freely in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

Dentistry – Palacky University’s Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry provides a 5 years Dentistry curriculum in English. Dentistry graduates are accorded the degree MUDr. “Medicinae Universae Doctor ” (M.D., Doctor of General Medicine). This degree empowers the recipient to become a dental practitioner independently in the Czech Republic and all through Europe.

Program Name  Duration  Annual Tuition in USD for International Students
General Medicine  6 years  13,362
Dentistry  5 years  14,965

Medical Studies at University of Ostrava

The University of Ostrava is a vibrant educational institution that offers a diverse range of academic programs in the humanities and fine arts, social sciences, health, and education. 

The faculties are brimming with industry leaders with scientific acumen who are inspirational and open-minded individuals with a strong sense of creativity.

General Medicine – The curriculum is tailored for the students to receive proper theoretical and practical knowledge. The first two years are dedicated to theoretical studies while clinical practice begins in the third year of study. Within the course duration of 6 years, students become full-fledged medical professionals.

Program Name  Duration  Annual Tuition in USD for International Students
General Medicine  6 years  9,086

The Czech Republic has all the bases covered that an International student would look into for their international education, with some of the world’s best medical universities and programs. To apply to one of these top-tier universities and get expert assistance throughout the application process, contact Gyanberry.

After the completion of their course, future prospects for graduates from the top medical universities in the Czech Republic include

  • Becoming a medical practitioner 
  • Pursuing Post Graduation or Doctoral Research (Ph.D.)
  • Becoming a teacher of Medicine at an institution of repute 
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Frequently Asked Questions

The University that consistently stands first in the national rankings for medicine is Charles University. It is one of the top 2% of universities in the world with a strong cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The general medicine program in the Czech Republic is 6 years long, whereas the dentistry program is 5 years long.

A candidate must have completed high school from a recognized board of his country with at least 50% in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics/Mathematics. Most medical universities conduct their own entrance exam in Czech Republic. You can check out Gyanberry prep materials to prepare better for medical entrance exams across Europe.

The tuition fee varies from USD 12000 to 18000 per year depending upon the University. The average cost of living is USD 7000 per year.

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