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Bachelor of Architecture in Canada: Best Courses and Universities

Bachelor of Architecture in Canada: Best Courses and Universities
Alpina ChariApr 17, 2023

A guide to some of the top institutions, costs, scholarships, etc., for pursuing a bachelor of architecture in Canada

The Bachelor of Architecture in Canada is the most well-organized choice among the many-sorted courses. Undergraduate Architecture programs in Canada are offered as a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch), Bachelor of Science (BS), or Bachelor of Arts degree. In Canada, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in architecture typically takes 3-4 years.

Several academic institutions in Canada provide bachelor’s degrees in architecture. International students typically apply to Canadian architectural programs in an effort to pursue lucrative careers through a combination of real-world experience and academic study. The best architecture schools in Canada offer co-ops, online coaching, and practical learning possibilities.

The cost of studying architecture in Canada varies depending on the university and program you select. The average tuition fee for an architectural course in Canadian colleges and universities is between 25,000 to 59,000 CAD per year. A Canadian architect’s average yearly salary, according to, is $99,289, or $50.75 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level positions are $81,566 a year, while those with the most experience can earn up to $143,472 annually.

Canada is well known for offering top-notch education at affordable tuition costs with degrees that are recognized internationally, and it currently enrolls around 620,000 international students. When you factor in a good standard of living, a wide range of post-study work prospects, and immigration opportunities, Canada is one of the best places to study abroad with some of the most popular student cities.

Why Choose Canada for Bachelor in Architecture?

Prestigious Universities

Several of Canada’s leading colleges offer a bachelor of architecture program. 8 Canadian universities are listed among the Top 200 architecture institutes in the world, based on the QS Rankings.

Job Opportunities

According to the Canadian government, there should be over 6,800 additional employment openings for architecture students between 2017 and 2026 in Canada. Around 7,400 new job searchers, including immigrants, are expected to enter the labor force soon.

Great Demand

Canada has some of the world’s fastest-growing cities. Cities are growing rapidly, and these developments have increased the demand for architects in the area. As a result, there is a significant need for architects, and studying for a B.Arch in Canada broadens your options. Students can also go for a master’s in architecture in Canada after their bachelor’s degree.

Broad Scope

In Canada, bachelor’s degree programs in architecture encourage great innovation, which is relatively uncommon in other disciplines today. You are free to pursue your interests and plunge into architectural design. Additionally, there are more prospects for employment in the field of architecture, and the average annual salary in Canada for an architect is $98,961.

Overview: Bachelor of Architecture in Canada

Program Level Undergraduate
Duration of Program 3-4 years
Annual Fee 25,000-65,000 CAD
Entrance Exams NA

Some of the course materials offered in the curriculum of Canadian universities’ bachelor of architecture programs are

  • Architectural graphics and design elements
  • Building and design
  • Ecological design
  • Engineering and architecture for sustainability
  • Building, environment, and energy
  • Architecture’s goals Vitruvius

Top Universities Offering Bachelor of Architecture in Canada

There are numerous prestigious colleges in Canada that provide Bachelor of Architecture programs for overseas students, 6 of which are ranked under 200 in the QS Education Ranking of 2022 and 12 in the Times Education Universities Ranking of 2023. Some of the best universities, their academic offerings, and their most recent rankings are included here.

Universities Course(s) Program Type/Duration Times Higher Education Ranking 2023 QS Top Universities Ranking 2023
University of British Columbia Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism  4 years 40 47
University of Toronto Architectural Studies 4 years 18 34
McGill University BSc Architecture 4 years 46 31
Universite de Montreal Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 3 years 111 116
University of Waterloo Honors Bachelor of Architectural Studies 4 years 201-250 154
Carleton University Bachelor of Architectural Studies 4 years 601-800 601-650
Ryerson University Architectural Science 4 years 801-1000
Universite Laval Bachelor of Architecture 4 years 251-300 433

Admission Requirements for Studying Bachelor in Architecture in Canada

To pursue a bachelor’s in architecture in Canada, you must generally meet specific requirements. The common requirements for entrance to the degree are the same across all universities, despite variations. Let’s swiftly and effectively glance at the stuff!

A High School Graduation

For application to a BA or B. Arch in Canada, students are required to have a high school degree or a 10+2 certificate from an accredited institution with an overall grade point average of 60% or higher. It is essential for you to visit the university’s official website to collect the most accurate information about the course as the average score may differ from university to university.

Results of English Language Proficiency (ELP) Tests

For all international applicants seeking admission to Canadian universities and colleges, the ELP Test scores are a must. Depending on the tests, the minimum expected scores are

Name of Test Minimum Language Test
IELTS 6.0-7.0
TOEFL 85-100
PTE 68

Normative Test Results

The SAT or ACT test results might be required as part of the application procedure for international students seeking admission to the bachelor’s degree program. However, the majority of universities and colleges do not require test scores as a requirement.

Study Permit

All international students must have a passport and a valid study permit in order to enroll in any courses throughout Canada. A minimum of three months prior to the day you want to visit, make sure to apply for the study permit visa.

Cost of Studying Bachelor of Architecture in Canada

Fees may vary depending on the degree and university of choice. Many reasonably priced universities in Canada offer this course. Local students usually pay less than foreign students to attend public colleges. International students must manage their living expenses and additional costs like food and transportation in addition to the difference in tuition.

The following list of top Canadian institutions’ bachelor of architecture degree program tuition fees is for international students:

Universities  Tuition Fees 2023-24 in CAD
Carleton University 44,578
Universite de Montreal 22,831
University of British Columbia  44,838
McGill University 29,973
University of Waterloo 65,000
Universite Laval 24,010
Ryerson University 36,487
University of Toronto 60,510

There are several low-cost universities in Canada that international students on a budget can look into. We have also compiled a list of the cheapest engineering universities in Canada for international students.

Scholarships for Bachelor in Architecture in Canada

Getting financial aid from many sources will be helpful as you pursue a bachelor’s degree in Canada. Undergraduate scholarships come in many forms and are generously financed by both internal and external sources in Canada to help students manage their expenses. The following section discusses several significant scholarships you may want to consider for Canadian bachelor of architecture programs.

Name of Scholarship Eligibility Requirements Amount Offered in CAD
Cyril M. Leeder Award, Carleton University  Students that excelled in their engineering courses Varies
Seite & Mary Kole Kerim Scholarship, the University of Toronto Students from other countries enrolling in architecture course 1,250
Sheila Baillie Scholarships in Architecture, McGill University International students enrolled in the BSc Architecture program that excels academically 5,000
International Student Entrance Scholarship President’s Scholarship, the University of Waterloo International students admitted with average scores of at least 90% 2,000-10,000
President’s Entrance Scholarships, Ryerson University International students are required to have a 90% average 10,000

International students on a valid study permit are allowed to work while studying in Canada. There are different types of part-time jobs available for interested students that pay equal to or above the minimum wage.

Job Opportunities In Canada After Bachelor in Architecture

Canadian graduates with a bachelor’s degree in architecture can find work in various entry-level positions that can help them launch their professional careers.

The demand for architects in Canada is very high. The Canadian government is providing enormous chances for architects in the nation to satisfy the needs of the country’s expanding population and economy.

Following the completion of your architecture bachelor’s degree, you may want to think about the following employment profiles.

  • Architect
  • Architectural Assistant
  • Architectural Historian/Journalist
  • Project Assistant Manager
  • Architecture Designer
  • Architecture Engineer
  • Building Contractor
  • Interior Designer
  • Architecture Draftsman
  • Technical Assistant
  • Manager
  • Landscape Architect

Top Canadian employers for architecture graduates include: 

  • Government of Canada
  • Corporates
  • Provincial Governments
  • Architectural Firms
  • Self Employed

Additionally, students can consider doing their Master’s in Architecture from Canada or a relevant masters in the field.


Canada is the best country to study architecture since there are more opportunities for jobs in disciplines related to architecture there. Furthermore, growth in opportunities and job openings in this sector is anticipated in Canada.

Making a decision requires taking into account elements including price, academic standard, on-campus amenities, and global rankings. Thousands of students have benefited from our admissions counseling services in getting into the institutions of their dreams. Please schedule a video consultation with one of our specialists for further information.

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The duration of a bachelor’s or a BArch program in Canada is three to four years, with a total of 90 to 126 credits required.

One of the last requirements for becoming a licensed architect in all Canadian provinces is passing a computerized architecture exam. In Canada, every architect has a territorial or provincial license. Therefore, additional procedures for licensing or registration may apply to specific territorial or provincial groups.

You will have fascinating industry exposure worldwide if you earned your bachelor’s degree from one of Canada’s best colleges. In addition to work, you should think about getting your master’s in architecture from Canada.

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