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Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic: Top Universities, Admission Requirements, Fees, and Scholarships

Mar 13, 2023

Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic

Dentistry is a coveted course, a degree that is a dream for many students. There are multiple benefits of studying dentistry in the Czech Republic. With a budget-friendly structure, the high standard of teaching ensures academic excellence. The country is also home to some of Europe’s finest medical universities that offer English-taught programs to international students. 

Ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world, these institutes are backed by prestigious ranking agencies such as Q.S. World Rankings and U.S News.

Prestigious universities offering the 5-year MDDr program include  

  • Charles University – First Faculty of Medicine  
  • Charles University – Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králove
  • Charles University – Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
  • Masaryk University 
  • Palacky University

For those concerned about their budgetary expenses, the cost of studying Dentistry in the Czech Republic is on the lower side, ranging from 14,000 – 18,500 USD annually. 

The foreign candidate must also be at least 17 while applying. The eligibility criteria state that such students must have passed high school and qualifying marks in their home country’s medical entrance examination.  

Why Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic?

  • The higher quality of education by the top European medical universities provided at low costs is a major driving factor for international applicants. 
  • The rich history of the country along with its diversified cultural and social life attracts students from around the world. 
  • The medical universities have recognition from renowned organizations such as the National Medical Council (NMC) of India and the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).
  • The medical faculties in the Czech Republic are often regarded as having the leading English medical programs in Europe. 

Top Universities to Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic in English

The Czech universities mentioned below offer dentistry programs with a duration of 5 years in the English language.

Name of University  World Rank National Rank
Charles University 226 by U.S News 

288 by QS Rankings

1 by U.S News 
Masaryk University  605 by U.S News 

560 by QS Rankings

2 by U.S News 
Palacky University  611 by U.S News 

Top 700 by QS Rankings

2 by U.S News 

Admission Requirements to Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic

The application for admission can be made via Gyanberry after choosing the university or directly through the university website. 

Details for applying for Dentistry programs in the Czech Republic are discussed below. Eligibility criteria include 

  • High grades in high school, especially in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (minimum 50% marks are mandatory)
  • English proficiency test
  • Passing marks in the university’s own entrance examinations
  • Respective national level test score of the native country of the applicant
University Name Entrance examination 
Charles University

(all Faculties of Medicine)

Required for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
Masaryk University Up to 65% in three separate tests of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics or Mathematics
The Palacký University of Olomouc Up to 50% in three separate tests of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics or Mathematics

Cost of Studying Dentistry in the Czech Republic: Tuition Fees and Living Expenses 

The universities in the Czech Republic offer world-class education at an incredible value. Take a look at the detailed table given below to calculate the cost of studying and attendance for dentistry programs. 

Name of University  Program Name  Duration  Tuition fees


Charles University  Dentistry 5 years  22,672 USD
Masaryk University  Dentistry 5 years  18,139 USD
Palacky University  Dentistry 5 years  14,965 USD
Charles University – 

Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové

Dentistry 5 years  15,204 USD
Charles University- Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen Dentistry  5 years  16,776 USD

The annual cost of living in Czechia 

The cost of living in the country is said to be on the affordable end, despite the variations that may arise from personal preferences. 

The average living costs range from 4,200 to 9,000 USD annually, including meals, accommodation, public transport and culture. An estimate of these expenses is tabulated below 

Particular Annual Expense 
Food  900- 1,100 USD
Accommodation  1,800-3,000 USD
Transportation (Student Season Ticket)





1,280 USD2,375 USD

2,003 USD

1,475 USD

Entertainment  400 USD
Personal expenses  300 USD

Scholarships to Study Dentistry in the Czech Republic 

Czechia welcomes international students to apply to its medical universities. However, the cost of tuition can be a major factor when deciding which country to opt for, so there are several scholarships available for international students.

International students that want to pursue a program in dentistry at one of the famous universities in the Czech Republic need to start their application process at least six months before the start of their chosen program. By getting a headstart, you can also avail of some of the preadmission scholarships available for studying medicine

Developing countries- Government Scholarships

The Czech Republic’s administration awards scholarships per year as part of its Foreign Development Assistance Program. These same government scholarships support students from developing countries who wish to study at Czech public universities.

Bilateral international agreement Scholarship Awards 

The Czech Republic’s Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport awards scholarships to foreign people every year as part of intergovernmental exchange programs with several nations.


Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) are exceptional academic programs offered by worldwide higher education collaborations. You can earn a full degree scholarship for a Master’s level overseas study degree through this program which also involves Czech universities.


In the Czech Republic, you can rely on high-quality education and research, particularly in medicine. English-taught degrees are becoming more common at Czech universities. This is in response to a large number of international students attracted to the Czech Republic by academic opportunities and affordable living standards. For the complete application process get in touch with Gyanberry Gyanberry.

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A candidate must have completed high school with a minimum of 50% in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as mandatory subjects to get into a top-ranked University. Some universities may also ask the students to present proof of passing their home country’s medical entrance examination or conduct their own round of interviews for granting admission. 

Depending upon the University, the average annual cost for studying dentistry may range between USD 14,000 – 18,500.

The cost of living depends upon the city and the personal spending habits of the student. The estimated living cost per year may be between USD 4,200-9,000.

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